saving toolpaths

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saving toolpaths

Post by drmoutrie »

I am a brand new user. My toolpaths, for some reason, are being saved in Adobe. I am unable to open them to view, and or, edit. My Shark will open and cut the piece, but I cannot make changes.
Anyone out there who can help? Thanks. David

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Re: saving toolpaths

Post by zeeway »

You probably need to ask this on the Shark forum (ref on Rockler website) since their software is proprietary. I use Mach 3, and the toolpaths are saved as a text file which can be edited within Mach3 or by a text editor.


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Re: saving toolpaths

Post by Adrian »

It sounds like you've associated the file suffix of your toolpaths files (.TAP, .TXT or something similiar) with an Adobe product, I'm presuming Acrobat Reader.

You'll need to break that association by removing it or assign that file type to another program that you want to use to edit toolpath files using Windows.

Not sure which version of Windows you've got but this should explain it for Windows XP -

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