CNC not returning to home position

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jim westergard
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CNC not returning to home position

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I am a novice. The cnc program will not return to the home position after running a program. I have to jog the cnc to begin another toolpath on the same material. I have another problem, in that the cnc will omit one letter of a name and continue carving, and when finished will then return and carve the dropped letter over another letter in the name. In addition is there a way to send the program to a printer?
thanks in advance for help
Jim Westergard

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Re: CNC not returning to home position

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From your description there could two very different scenarios.

When you are expecting an axis to return to zero, does the axis DRO read zero but the tool not return to exactly where it was when last at zero.

If this is the case then you have a machine problem and advise will be better sought in the appropriate place (machines own forum for example)

If on the other hand the gcode is not calling a return to zero at the end then you may need to check your toolpath setup.

On the "Toolpath" panel, goto "Material Setup", (top left icon) and check the "Home Start Position"

Hope this helps,


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