CNC not returning to home position

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jim westergard
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CNC not returning to home position

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I am a novice. The cnc program will not return to the home position after running a program. I have to jog the cnc to begin another toolpath on the same material. I have another problem, in that the cnc will omit one letter of a name and continue carving, and when finished will then return and carve the dropped letter over another letter in the name. In addition is there a way to send the program to a printer?
thanks in advance for help
Jim Westergard

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Re: CNC not returning to home position

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Hi Jim,
a little information please,
1. where does it return after the program? (if it ends up at a different spot at the end of each program, then it is a mechanical problem-check for loose connections on x axis and y axis.)
2. if you jog to start the next program, are you resetting x and y to zero because you
can see it is obviously out of home position? this too sounds like a mechanical problem.
3. vectric programs don't carve names and words in the order they are written or read, but from an efficiency of motion stand point. The first letter of a word will often be the last one carved and as long as the machine is operating correctly it all ends up okay.

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