Mach 3 & Windows 7 locking up

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Mach 3 & Windows 7 locking up

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I am having issues with 32bit Windows 7 running Aspire projects. The computer locks up too frequently and gets confused where it is and runs off the project. I also get a "clunk" on the gantry in all directions. I tore down the Y axis to prove it was not the gantry. Therefore, I assume it is the OS & software issue. It only acts up under program command. Therefore, I am assuming it is Mach3 & windows 7. Is there a better software that will work with 64 bit machines I can try? I am doing lithophanes at this moment. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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Re: Mach 3 & Windows 7 locking up

Post by Greolt »

Mach3 does work with Windows7 32 bit.

There is an extra step in the installation procedure outlined on the Artsoft site. (it says Vista but also works with Win7)

It will also work with Win7 64bit but only with an external pulsing engine like the SmoothStepper. (I use this setup)

If you are having trouble with Mach3 then I suggest seeking help on the Artsoft forum.


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