Help needed to indentify controller software

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Help needed to indentify controller software

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HI Forum
Recently purchased a workshop full of equipment amongst which there is a home built cnc. The control box is a mess!! No hand held DSP or computor...
Need to know which software and post processor is needed to calibrate table and to run the machine
Any help would be appreciated....
Maybe Mach3 or similar would work?? These are some pics

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Re: Help needed to indentify controller software

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If'n it were me? I would take it all apart. Save the:

Power supplies
Stepper motor drivers

That thing is a nightmare. I particularly love the stepper motor driver hanging by the wires. Another one is the power supplies all jumpered together on the ouputs. Never seen that before. Maybe an electrical guy will jump in and explain that?

I have been busy designing and building a new control:

This one is Arduino/Grbl based. Currently I am running a Mach3/Gecko 540/Smooth Stepper setup. It has worked well for about 10 years now. But there are some things that have been annoying me about it. The biggest thing is that Gecko has 4 outputs. So when I want to use the rotary axis I have to unplug both Y connections (gantry style machine) and use one of them for A axis. On the new control I have 5 stepper drivers and a switch that will redirect signals. It has 5 aircraft type outputs as well as 5 DB9 outputs. That is because I intend to use the control for other projects from time to time.

There are quite a few good controllers out there for not a lot of bucks. I do not have a need for the pricier ones so I am going the Arduino/Grbl route. If I wanted a more professional level of control I would look at Acorn. There are even some decent standalone controllers in the sub $500 range.

It pays to neatly design things, create schematics. Later on if an issue develops you will know what things are supposed to look like instead of scratching your head wondering what does what. If I have to make any changes to the schematic during the build I will update the schematic drawing. When the machine is running correctly I will print out a copy and put it inside the control case.

A mess like that will be nothing but a headache going forward.
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Re: Help needed to indentify controller software

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Have you looked on the DMM website?
They have all the manuals/diagrams etc and even a Mach3 xml file you can download.
You would then just use the relevant Mach Post processor with in the Vectric software.
Looks like you have a Warp9 Ethernet Smoothstepper motion control card, so that should help when choosing what style of computer to use.

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