"Z" setting default at boot

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"Z" setting default at boot

Post by kg5ie »

Is there a way in the control software to set a safe "Z" setting at bootup of the machine? What I am getting at is a fail safe for forgetting to set "Z". The idea being that at the initial boot up of the control machine, "Z" is automatically set to a safe position so that new CNC operators-in-training do not ruing their project piece at initial start due to failure to set "Z".



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Re: "Z" setting default at boot

Post by Adrian »

Depends on what your machine/controller software is. It's nothing to do with the Vectric side of things really.

In my control software a config file is run each time the software is started so you could put a command in there to move the Z to a "safe" location perhaps using upper limit switches if fitted.

What I've done is to modify my post processor in VCarve/Aspire so it prompts me with reminders for which way around the z-zero is, which tool is inserted and what thickness material. I have to confirm each one before continuing. That may be possible for you as well but, as I say, it all depends on the capabilities of your control software.

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Re: "Z" setting default at boot

Post by TReischl »

I waste a bit of time.

Modified the header portion of the post processor so that it moves to X0 Y0 without changing the existing location of Z. It then executes an Optional Stop so that I can take a look at things.

My standard Safe Z is 1 inch above the work surface. So when the machine stops at X0Y0 I can take a look and if it looks like Z is 1 inch above the material I am good to go and press the cycle start a second time.

By doing it this way I get to check where my X0Y0 are located and get a look to see if Z makes sense or not.

Not something you would want to do in a production shop, but then, if a person is operating in a production shop they are supposed to know what they are doing. . . . .and owners flip out when the see the machine jogging around doing nothing, drives them bananas.
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