Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

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Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by MRobertson »

I have been having a strange issue for over a year now and decided to post here and see if anyone else has has the same issue and might be able to provide a solution.

I use 1/4" shank bits, pretty much, exclusively with my Shapeoko 3XXL. When inserting a bit into the collet, I literally have to keep a finger on the bit while I finagle the two wrenches to get it tight enough for it to no fall out. It’s like I really need three hands. I am unable to get it hand tight enough otherwise.

Now here’s the odd thing, when I need to remove the bit, I loosen the collet and, you would expect the bit to just drop out. However, this is not the case. The bit is in there still fairly tight where I have to clip a pair of vice grips onto the bit and tap it out.

Has anyone else experienced this with a Makita router? I have never had this issue with a DeWalt router.

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Re: Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by garylmast »

That's an issue with any collet and/or nut that has been overheated. I keep extra collets on hand for replacements, just for that reason.


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Re: Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Replace the collet.
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Re: Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by Adrian »

With a decent collet there is two stage engagement so when you loosen it it gets to a stage where you think you've undone it but you have to go past that point for it to be pulled out (by hand) or drop out.

Are you sure the bits are actually 1/4"? Many people sell 6mm bits as 1/4" and they will be loose until the collet is tightened.

Having said all that collets and nuts are consumable items and should be replaced regularly. With the volumes I cut I replace my ER25 collets every 6 to 8 weeks and the nuts every three months.

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Re: Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by FixitMike »

Loosening to remove bits: Collets loosen in 2 steps. First you loosen the nut, then continue turning the nut to pull the tapered collet and bit from the tapered hole. Each step starts stiff and then becomes loose.
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Re: Odd issue With Makita Router Collet

Post by Bobtail Farm »

my experience consistent with Adrians comment - appears to be 2 steps or stages to loosening a bit. as for a third hand, I've a roll of masking tape alongside and use a short piece across the bit and up against the collet until I get it tightened with my two other hands.

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