I still make mistakes

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I still make mistakes

Post by Rcnewcomb »

I've been using a CNC machine for 14 years and I still find ways to make a bonehead mistake.

Yesterday's adventure: While leveling the spoilboard I decided to override the workspace margins and inadvertently "leveled" the top off the tool measurement switch for my automatic tool changers. :shock:

Oh well, tuition for this lesson at the University of Life was only $50.

- Randall Newcomb
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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by highpockets »

:lol: :lol: :lol: Should work better now....
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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by Holzarbeiter »

Thanks, Randall, for taking the time to make common dummies like me feel just a tad better about my “intelligence lacking” decisions :D

What is the vertical post for to the left of the pad on your new sensor?

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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by Mobius »

I know the feeling. I once 'leveled' the steel bracket for the end bump stops on my CNC. That was a $350 whoopsie.
Connor Bredin
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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by Xxray »

Overrides always comes with risk !

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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by scottp55 »

Thanks for posting Randall!

My very first cut was to rabbet my spoilboard....AND Dad had asked his head machinist(5 big iron CNCs at that time) to drop by, so he witnessed my 1/4" bit going to China!!
(Z-prox connection had come loose,and I was still using Vectric's default for Home/Safe Z of 2"...so I Topped out"

Bill said "Scott, there are 3 times you have to watch out for mistakes....You just made the first one:)"

1. When you first start and simply don't know anything.(excusable)
2. After some experience and you "Think you know everything"
3. After years and you "Know you Know everything"

I'm still working on mainly number 2's.....but beginning to get into number 3's :oops:

I asked him why he was the head CNC machinist "I lie to my machines better than anyone else"
What was you're biggest mistake? "I forgot how many times I lied to the machine!"
What happened? "I CLEANED the table....120 pound of Copper, ALL the clamps,and a large chunk of the 4" surfacing bit being driven by a 10hp spindle!" :)

Made me feel better back when I was making custom screw heads, and custom canyons in my work pieces:)
Nowadays it's usually when tired or rushing....no-no's, but I never seem to learn that one :oops:

Again...thanks for posting!!
"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions"



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Re: I still make mistakes

Post by Adrian »

Been there, done that. Fortunately in my case it's a lot simpler device but it still trashed a $50 dollar surfacing bit and wasted a couple of hours repairing the damage.

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