Cut 2D Pro or VCarve Pro?

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Cut 2D Pro or VCarve Pro?

Post by mpoling »

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to help someone decide which software would work best for them for making guitars. He wants to be able to do a slight arched top (ie slightly convex in the Z plane) along with cutting out the shape as well.
Will Cut 2D Pro suffice or would VCarve Pro be needed? I was thinking that Cut 2D Pro might be sufficient.
THanks for any help you can give,

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Re: Cut 2D Pro or VCarve Pro?

Post by Adrian »

VCarve Pro I'd say. Cut2D doesn't have any toolpaths that could do a convex cut in the Z plane. You/He could download the trial versions to see what each can do.

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Re: Cut 2D Pro or VCarve Pro?

Post by Rcnewcomb »

For guitar making the 2.5D features of VCarve will come in handy.

You can use Cut2D with ballnose, box core, and other form bits that will get the general shape , but there would still be hand shaping and sanding after machining.

It is easy enough to download the trial version of Cut2D and see of you can create the shapes you want. The preview is excellent.

Also, Vertric makes to upgrade from one product to the next by essentially paying the price difference, so there is far less risk with starting with a product with fewer features and upgrading later.
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