How to set upHall Effect sensors

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How to set upHall Effect sensors

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I have received the Hall Effect sensors and gotten some tips on setting them up as shown below but i still have questions about the set up.
Description of HE module:
VCC: Positive power supply, 3.3 V to 5 V
GND: Negative power supply
DO: Digital signal output
AO: Analong signal output

All you need to do, is hook the VCC Pin to +5V DC, Connect GND to ground, and DO is the digital output that you would connect to your BOB on one of the digital inputs.
No need for the AO pin as that is an analog signal. You don't need that.

Also, then mount a magnet on the machine where you want the switch to trigger. I would expect that the Output of the module DO will go low (zero volts) when the magnet gets close to the sensor. When it is not close, it should be high (5 volts). Also, it looks like the module has 2 LED's on it so you can tell then the magnet has triggered the sensor.

Here's a photo of what the Home switch connections look like on my BOB.

In the photo it shows pins T12 and T13 which one do I attach the DO output to? Don't want to damage anything.

Also it looks like these HE modules could not (at least to my limited knowledge) be used as a Limit Switch as the BOB calls for the Axis limits be a Normally Closed switches in series and I think these HE switches can only replicate a Normally Open switch, or am i missing something, (very likely)


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