Today's Lesson

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Today's Lesson

Post by Rcnewcomb »

It is important to learn something new each and every day.

Today I learned that if my Automated Tool Changer (ATC) isn't properly adjusted the tool holder slips out of the spindle as it is spinning up to speed. Those tool holders behave just like heavy metallic tops spinning at 12K RPM and it takes a surprisingly long time for them to slow down. Fortunately the only damage was a broken bit. Had my head been in the line of fire, however, I would likely not be posting this entry today.

Check your tools regularly.
- Randall Newcomb
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Re: Today's Lesson

Post by jimwill2 »

Wow! Glad you weren't injured.
Jim Williams

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Re: Today's Lesson

Post by ger21 »

The spindle should have a sensor to make sure that the tool is engaged before it ever starts spinning.
Gerry -

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Re: Today's Lesson

Post by garylmast »

On my last project, although I don't have an automatic tool changer, a similar situation happened. I was using a 1/2 mill and it came out of the collet and flung to the side of the CNC. I was just lucky it didn't hit me. At first I thought I forgot to tighten the nut, but then it happened again, but not completely flying out. Now thinking it was the collet, it continued to slip out after changing it. It turned out that the nut, by going to deep and riding against the material got hot and weakened the snap spring that holds the collet in wouldn't clamp tight enough to hold the mill tight. I replaced the nut and how everything is tight again.


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Re: Today's Lesson

Post by highpockets »

Every once and a while we need a wake up call as to the true power and dangers of these machines. Glad you weren't hurt. I would have had to change my shorts.
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