piranha XL

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piranha XL

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HELP Please
I am new to the CNC world including Vcarve Pro desktop software I have recently got the post processer figured out. I now have on my pendent the Tap file. But, the gantry isn't responding to the program I did a simple sign to test my CNC but it shows on the pendent it is running but I am not getting anything happening. I am sure it is something I haven't done so please give me some direction. my first question is the setup is there something to do with that I did try to do the zero for the z axis but I am not sure if I am doing that correctly.

Any help is much apricated ahead of time thanks
Al P in new jersey

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Re: piranha XL

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Is your .tap file on a usb, and plugged into the pendant...did you set your x & y zeros...if you don't have a z zero touch plate, did you set z zero another way...when you say the program is running on the pendant, is it actually scrolling through the program.

Can you manually move all three axies by pressing the move buttons on the pendant, and will the gantry move when you press the move x0, y0 button.

If all this isn't done or happening, you need to go through your owners manual to make sure you understand how to accomplish each.

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