X axis stopped working, followed by Y axis

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X axis stopped working, followed by Y axis

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Has anyone had this issue before? I was cutting the 7th tile of an 8 tiled sign and the mechanical X axis simply stopped working. The pendant showed that it was still sending the information, and you could adjust the X and Y on the pendant, but the actual movements of the machine were not occurring.
I shut the machine down completely and turned it back on, resetting the zero, etc. I tested the movement of the X axis with the pendant, and it worked fine. I then ran the 7th tile again and it cut no problem.
I set up the 8th tile and now the X and the Y axis will not work. Again, the pendant thinks that it is moving when I press the buttons, but the actual mechanical X and Y axes are not moving.
I shut it down for the night and will try again tomorrow, but I am curious to see if this has been an issue for anyone?
I have a CNC Shark HD4 extended bed and am working with Aspire.

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Re: X axis stopped working, followed by Y axis

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I have no idea at all - BUT - I will take a stab at it and guess.

Perhaps the stepper motors are overheating.
I little cooling down time will help
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