45 degree V groove bits--custom fabrication?

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45 degree V groove bits--custom fabrication?

Post by endgrainguy »

Anyone have experience with Vortex v groove insert bits? I'm looking to do miterfold work with 45 degree included angle (octagonal forms), and no bit I've tried so far has worked well. I require at least a .5" large diameter, so this limits the field. I had a similar problem years ago with 60 degree bits and the CMT "laser point" inexpensively solved the problem, but they don't make this in 45 degree version. This bit is solid carbide, with three flutes, creating a very sturdy 0 point. My experience with Amana's insert bits, which they plug as good for miterfold, has been poor, as they haven't created the correct angle (requiring lots of glue to fill the interior of the joint) and the tips are fragile. Trying to modify the angle by reseating the bit differently is an exercise in frustration, as resetting the angle results in losing the required concentricity for a 0 tip. I tried this years a go with their 60 degree bit, and recently again with their 45.

The Vortex 45 degree bit is over $300, so before I try it I'd like a first hand recommendation, particularly from someone who has also tried the analogous Amana bit. I guess I'm skeptical about tip longevity and bit geometry after the Amana experiences, and the Vortex tips aren't cheap either.

Or , from a different angle, any suggestions on how one would find a supplier willing to take on making a 45 degree version of the "laser point" bit -especially if there's interest in CNC land for a bulk order of them?
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Re: 45 degree V groove bits--custom fabrication?

Post by dhellew2 »

Try https://www.magnate.net/SearchResults.asp?Cat=650118
I prefer the 3-flute bits, they give a smoother cut.
For $300 you can buy about 15 of the carbide cutters.
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Re: 45 degree V groove bits--custom fabrication?

Post by ger21 »

I've done a lot of miterfolding with a 90° Amana, and have never had issues, and never any issues with the tip, and I've probably gone through 50 insert knives over the last 10 years.

Never used Vortex inserts, but their tools are top quality. You might want to give them a call and see if they'll guarantee the accuracy?
They can also make the custom tool you asked about.
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