Pendant not recalling many files

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Pendant not recalling many files

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I have a PiranhaXL with pendant. I save TAP files on large memory thumb drive. However after about 15 files, the later files will not show in the window of the pendant. I KNOW the files are on the thumb drive, so the thumb drive is not the problem. But when plugged into the pendant, the pendant shows the "first" file and will only show about 15 files. Any files after that number are not shown and not accessible. So, I have to a new thumb drive for subsequent files (until I reach about 15 again). I have about 7 thumb drives with only 15 TAP files each -- Only because the pendant will not recall a larger number. Is this normal or is there a fix? Thanks.

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Re: Pendant not recalling many files

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Depending on the model of your controller, you may have the ability to save some files to the internal memory. You should have the ability to scroll down on any list using, an arrow key, I think. That info would be in the controller manual.
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Re: Pendant not recalling many files

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Seems to me that is a question to ask on the machine manufacturer.

I believe they would know the answer better than anyone else.
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