Buck Boost Transformer 380V 240V 3Phase

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Buck Boost Transformer 380V 240V 3Phase

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I have a machine that I built for the US.
It has a couple of SEW Eurodrive helical gearmotors https://files.clrwtr.com/userfiles/ct/d ... motors.pdf and Lenze SMV VFD 240V three phase https://www.clrwtr.com/Products/ESV402N02TXB.

I have to build another machine for China.

I want to keep all of the same components, and build it for the 240 Volt three phase. But it won't

work over there. I will need to get them to get a 3 phase 380V to 240 V Buck Boost transformer.

Any suggestions on where to get one?

Also, they use 50hz, not 60hz. Could transformer heating be an issue?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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Re: Buck Boost Transformer 380V 240V 3Phase

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Try automation direct
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