Low Quality Ballnose bit

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Low Quality Ballnose bit

Post by Rcnewcomb »

As some of you may recall, I like to try out various bits and occasionally have found some great values.

This is not one of those times.

I saw "10Pcs 3.175mm 1/8" Double Flute Spiral Cutter CNC Router Bits 17mm US Shipping" with free shipping for $9.65, i.e. $0.97 per bit.

The first bit broke while I was putting it in the collet.
The second bit lasted about 3 passes at the edge of a dish carving.

I'll try them in my Dremel, but for CNC use they are about the same as putting a pretzel in the collet. :shock:

- Randall Newcomb
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Re: Low Quality Ballnose bit

Post by dhellew2 »

I still find that www.Cuttingtoolsource.com has the best spiral bits for the money... they are made for metal working, solid carbide, and though may be a bit more expensive than some, but worth the price. They also offer resharpening but because of freight only pays if you send several bits. I use 3-flute spirals only. 4-flute bits burn burn burn when used in wood. Dale
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Re: Low Quality Ballnose bit

Post by larrybadgett »

[quote="dhellew2"] http://www.Cuttingtoolsource.com

That link does not work! Do you have a good link?
I think this is the new site!
Wud Bi Tek

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