Problem with a program.

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Re: Problem with a program.

Post by martin54 »

TReisch I am working on a job with a bunch of mortise and tenons. How are you hanging the parts off the front and running them? I am cutting one side then flipping the part and cutting the other side. If I could stand the 4x4 on end it would be much faster.

Ted built a jig to give him a vertical axis, see this post :lol: :lol: ... 10#p170661

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Re: Problem with a program.

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That is a cool setup. Unfortunately it won't work with our machine.

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Re: Problem with a program.

Post by TReischl »

Thanks DM. I could do it that way because I could move the machine rails forward and be able to cut outside of the bed.

I have seen machines where they have a hole (slot) in the bed to accomplish the same thing. Maybe you can take a look at that. Of course, if your parts are too long, well, they are just too long! My machine bed sits about 36 inches from the floor so I can put tenons on some pretty long parts.
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Re: Problem with a program.

Post by Osborn73 »

DId you ever find out what caused the issue with the tool change as described in your initial post?. Im currently having the same issue with my Smartshop2. happened several different times, running different g-code/ jobs. seemingly random, however the end result is consistent - during the affected tool change machine is suddenly about 10" off in the Y axis and it tries to park the bit while still over the work piece...controller says its at Y 108.8 (the point where it normally drops spindle down for tool change over) the Y axis is accurate at all other times. Problem sometimes occurs between tool paths 2 and 3, but today also occurred just after first tool path.

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Re: Problem with a program.

Post by IslaWW »

Does your machine have closed loop steppers or servos with an active position loss alarm?
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