Spindle speed

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Spindle speed

Post by marlondave »

I use a spindle with a speed controller which is a stand-alone (not configured to the Mach3 software I use). What process or procedure can I use to determine what speed (rpm) my spindle is running.

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Re: Spindle speed

Post by IslaWW »

Is this a 3 phase spindle with a VFD or a DC spindle? If 3 phase with VFD, the VFD display usually displays RPM or Htz. To convert Htz to RPM multiply by 60
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Re: Spindle speed

Post by ChrisInEstes »

When I was testing to see if the readout on my VFD was lined up with what I thought what RPM it indicated, I used an optical tachometer. I think mine was around $30 off of Amazon. I stuck a little piece of reflective white sign vinyl on the spindle nut, shut the fluorescent lights off, shined an LED flashlight on it, and pointed the tach at it. It worked for me.

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Re: Spindle speed

Post by martin54 »

If it's the chinese variety then most will display both the spindle RPM & the set frequency Hz. This is only the set speed though, no feedback from the spindle so no speed compensation for load. If you want to know the actual speed then you would need something like the tach Chris mentioned.
Mine isn't tied in to mach3 either, I just stop, start & change speed manually. Even when hooked up to mach3 it is still only a set speed as once again there is no feedback on actual speed.

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Re: Spindle speed

Post by highpockets »

If you'd like to connect you spindle speed control to your Mach3 SuperPID is a great option http://www.vhipe.com/product-private/SuperPID-Home.htm
And it compensates for load.
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