Dust collector separator

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Dust collector separator

Post by woody53 »

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I have a cheaper Harbor Freight dust collector. It is pretty new, and works great. I ran a pine table top for a beer sign, and had to pause everything to get bigger chunks out of the inlet screen. Other than that works good, but that was a real nuisance stopping . I was doing a roughing 3D with 1/2 inch end mill , 1/4 deep @ 130 IMP. Today made a separator barrel, for $ 65 . Doesnt look very good but ran the same toolpath on the same wood, not a piece of wood on the inlet screen afterwards. Still pics up 99% of dust .
Was worth the morning to make.

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Re: Dust collector separator

Post by ger21 »

The first thing that most people do is remove the screen. :)
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Re: Dust collector separator

Post by scottp55 »

If you rough against the grain, it pretty much eliminates the big chunks/splinters I've found.
Only 2.5" inlet on my dustfoot, so it used to be Very annoying, and easily clogged until someone tipped me off.
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Re: Dust collector separator

Post by Mike-S »

If you can get another lid, I'd suggest repositioning the holes. The one from the CNC should be on the edge (I'm assuming you have a 90 deg elbow inside the can and a baffle.) The output to the vac should be in the center of the lid (center of vortex) so you only suck up fine dust, not chunks. The chunks should be flung to the can's circumference and fall to the bottom.
I have a similar set up and only get a hand-full of dust for each foot of chips in the can.

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Dust collector separator

Post by Bobtail Farm »

Attached is what i built for a similar Harbor Freight dust collector (based on the designs/builds I saw on the internet). I too observe only a small amount of dust in the bag for a lot of waste in the can. My "inlet" is into the side of the can and located between the top of the can and the thein baffle (the plywood I've attached to the top using threaded rod).

Hope the photos help you.
IMG_3523 dust separator in place.jpg
IMG_5287 thien baffle and separator lid.jpg

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