From router to spindle.

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From router to spindle.

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Hi, I have now got fed up with my routers, I am on my second one in 4 months. Noise and bearings is the problem. I would like to get a water cooled 1.5kw spindle and water pump, but I have no idea how to set up. What controls the speed of spindle? Does it have to be wired up to the computer and then set up in Mach3? What all is required to get it running? I know I will have to get new mounts/brackets. I have a LVG Design Automation Brand CNC Machine X900mm Y600mm Woodworking. (See Face Book LVG Design Automation.) I would like some help before I go to LVG Design and ask Les to design a bracket/mount to fit. I have done a "Search" but there are 156 pages to go through. I am not doing heavy commercial work, just a Home DIYer.

Thanks in advance. Sean.

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Re: From router to spindle.

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I started with a ShopBot CNC router with a Porter Cable hand router mounted to it and did not like the setup and noise. I upgraded to a Columbo 3HP spindle with ER25 spindle taper air cooled. I bought it from PDS Spindles for about $2200 it came with a VFD programed for the spindle and was very easy to hook up. The cable from VFD to spindle was pre-wired and the VFD was programed for the spindle. I never bought the card to have the controller turn on the spindle and since it did not have a tool changer it was no different than turning on the hand held router. I was happy with this setup I know the Chinese spindles are cheaper but this was plug and play I just had to hook up the power to the VFD and I was cutting. They also sent me a PDF of the spindle mounting bolt pattern to make the mount.


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