Feedback for a new Router

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Feedback for a new Router

Post by GarySeibs »

Hi all,
Our sister high school across town is looking to add CNC to their woodshop program (FINALLY!). I have a Techno 4896 in my school shop that has been running flawlessly since 2005. My colleague has a couple of quotes and I'm looking to the experts.

Does anyone have any experience with EZ Router? Is Techno still in business and have they been taken over by other companies? Shop Bot owners, how do you like it? We would prefer to stay in a low end industrial model (comparable to my Techno) with a spindle motor prefered over a router bolted on the machine. Cost is always a consideration for public schools but in my experience, you get what you pay for and I've learned that when buying machines durability is a must. My admin isn't going to buy another one in 5 years. My dad always told me buy the best tools you can afford and you'll only cry once. Buy cheap tools and you'll cry every time you use 'em.

Input and suggestions would be a great help. You all are a great resource.


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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by rscrawford »

I've heard good things about EZ Router and Techno. I really like Techno - good, sturdy machines with some nice features.

You might also want to give the CAMaster Cobra a look. Probably a little cheaper, and I've been pleased with mine and with the support they have.
Russell Crawford

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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by Stonemason101 »

Before deciding on any piece of equipment, irrespective of what you can afford or want, decide on exactly what it is you want to achieve with the machine (and software) before you buy! There is nothing worse than having the most beautiful design in your head, and not being able to see it come off your CNC... Aspire 4.5 has definitely been able to give me the results I've wanted, just make sure your CNC can deliver! I have a 4 axis machine purpose built for me in Jinan, China ( the CNC capital by the way!). I personally took a flight to Jinan to visit various manufacturers and decided on a specific company to supply our needs. It rings true that what you pay is what you get, but I have not been short changed by buying from the Chinese. They are in fact very helpful. Just make sure to use a reputable agent as a go between (get references), and you'll be OK! Value for money is huge over there when dealing with the right guys/gals. I can afford to buy 3 CNC's for the price of one European or USA made machine. Brand names don't always mean that much, especially if it is for educational use.
Good luck with your purchase!
Best wishes

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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by Strat »

My 2 cents, here at my shop that I run ( Piper Plastics ILL. ) we have a C R Onshud, and a Routech Routomat, these two machines run from 8 to 16 hours a day, 5 days a week, and for a few years now with just normal maintenance. My home machine is a Laguna I Q which runs about 25 hours a week for a couple of years now with no problems. For what its worth.

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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by Jozua »

I have an EZ-Router (with 4th axis) that I bought in 2008.

Since then I had a few “gremlins” but I must admit: John Johnson from EZ-Router (Mineola, Texas) was wonderful.

One email from South Africa and within a few hours I receive a phone call to determine my “stupid problem”.

He even asked me one time to connect my CNC Computer to the internet and then through “Go-to Meeting” upgraded my Mach 3 to the latest version and did all the necessary adjustments to ensure that my machine runs flawlessly.

I have NEVER waited more than one day to get a response from them when I contacted them for any help needed.

They might not be the “High Flyer” all-singing, all dancing CNC manufacturers but their machines are extremely well built, ridged and their support is absolute FIRST WORLD.

However; the choice of a CNC machine is as easy the choice of a motor car, a house or even the girl that you like ……


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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by berzerko »

techno in new hyde park new York closed last september, the name was taken over by a few of the sales people and engineers that worked for designtronics( the parent company thats still in business ) from what I've heard they are, or trying to continue to import the foreign machines. I don't think the american LC machines have been made since 2012

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Re: Feedback for a new Router

Post by Gundawg »

I would look at Shopsabre and FMT (Freedom machine tools) I got a price on a Techno router and I feel the Shopsabre offers more for the money. The Techno router was almost 20K more money and runs R&P on X & Y the Shopsabre is a ball screw design so is the FMT. It depends on what you are machining I guess.

I started a thread like this a while back and mine got moved to the Hardware section and got a few responces I will post a link.

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