cnc kit

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cnc kit

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I am thinking of building a cnc router. Where is a good place to look for reliable kit.

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Re: cnc kit

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Re: cnc kit

Post by Fleming »

Many of us have built the JoesCNC and are extremely pleased with it. It is commercial duty. for info.
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Re: cnc kit

Post by Adrian »

Depends on what you're looking for really in terms of size and power.

The first one I built was from taught me loads about how a CNC works but wouldn't be a step up from your Shark.

I bought the plans for but never got around to building it. Great machine, great forum and lots of Vectric users. Probably would be my number one choice now it's rack and pinion as well.

The other machine I went a long way down the route of getting was from serious piece of kit but I would have had to lay a concrete floor in my workshop to support it. Again a well supported forum.

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Re: cnc kit

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Here's another vote for I built a smaller version to fit my table is 33 by 45 inches. I also used a commercial z slide with six inch travel; gecko540 controller/Mach3/nema 23 motors. My machine also has the CastCNC top end. I believe this machine is as good as any bolted together model, but not as rigid as the welded machines.


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