I would pay to have fixed

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Re: I would pay to have fixed

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An Encoder in a stepper motor, you mean servo right ? a stepper looses steps and trys to keep on cutting hence damaged material, a servo loses position or any other fault and stops dead in its tracks. hope this tech is on it.

reading through this I remember my x3 stepper machine by camaster, a stepper is a combonation of factors between command, power and motor. if calibrated to each other for their respective capacities they work quite well !
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garylmast wrote:I finally found a technician that inspected my machine and diagnosed the problem as being the encoder in the stepper motor. He explained the encoder as being a laser disc inside the motor. Anyway, a new motor is ordered and hopefully I'll have it running in a couple of days. Gary
If that doesn't help, try this http://www.cnc4pc.com/Store/osc/product ... cts_id=203

One of my machines is also running Mach3 with a DELL. The signals sent via parallel port are weaker than they used to be on older computers. The problem I had was primarely with the Z and occasiaonally only with the X or Y. I fixed it with the buffer.

I posted either on CNCZone or Mach forum (don't remember which) and if I recall correctly, the feedback from other members was positive.
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Re: I would pay to have fixed

Post by bgriggs »

I have built several CNC machines as a hobby and commercially. Looking at what you posted your speed is 87 IPM and your plunge is 28 IPM. These speeds are reasonable for most machines that are rigidly built.

It will certainly help to change the router bit from a 4 flute to a two flute bit. They make nice up spiral cutter and down spiral cutters fairly inexpensively.

If your Z axis is a leadscrew driven unit, the most likely cause of your problem is a loose coupler at the motor shaft. It is probably tight enough to plunge (gravity is helping) but slips when the bit retracts. Check to make sure the couplers are secured properly.

Please post a picture of your machine and or a link to the brand. It makes it easier to come up with suggestions.


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Re: I would pay to have fixed

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I had a similar problem with my first Chineese CNC and we had a technician for seceral times looking up the problem, the solution was simple once we trid it- we just re-intalled the control-program that came with the CNC.


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Re: I would pay to have fixed

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Turned out, when I contacted the manufacture to order the new stepper motor, they told me it was an analog type (whatever that is) and it didn't have the encoder disc. I ordered it anyway, installed it, and it did solve the problem.

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