What kind of mouse would you recommend?

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John Murphy
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What kind of mouse would you recommend?

Post by John Murphy »

My mouse is getting a little long in the tooth, and is starting to become harder to use, or could just be the operator.

I'll be swapping my 2nd hard drive for one with a little more capacity, and I was thinking of replacing the mouse while I'm picking up the new drive.

I've always used Logitech wireless mice, because the small receiver fits nicely out of the way on my laptop, and it's compact enough to slip in my case for the rides back and forth to the shop.. I was wondering if there would be any advantage to buying a gaming mouse, as opposed to a standard 3 button wheel mouse. I am reading about DPI and all the new functions, and am wondering if I will see any benefit for the extra money?

If you have any input on this, please feel free to speak up.


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Re: What kind of mouse would you recommend?

Post by Adrian »

I've used gaming mouses for about four years now and I wouldn't be without with one. The on-the-fly DPI settings are great when sculpting in Aspire or intricate node editing.

One of the biggest time savers though is the extra buttons that can be programmed to send other keystrokes. I have one of my mine set to be the shift key which makes multiple vector selection a breeze.

Mine is a Microsoft Sidewinder.

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