Porter Cable 7518

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Porter Cable 7518

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If anyone could find the time to post a photo of the wiring of the "on/off" rocker switch of the PC 7518, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Re: Porter Cable 7518 + forum contributor "Shout Out"

Post by sparkgirl »

mardiv Did you ever find this one? I have a buddy that mailed me his unused Porter Cable 7518 when my original stopped operating mid-litho just before Christmas. In his effort to expedite it to me, it wasn't wrapped really well. Box arrived damaged and I suspect I need to rewire the rocker switch. I have not yet taken the time to look for a schematic on the web. (Got my original refurbished, brushes replaced, etc.) The one with rocker-switch on/off problem was never used, as my friend does all 2D/torch cutting now. Would be nice not to have to pay for repair work on 2nd unit.

Want to give a shout out to all that contribute so much here, and how beneficial the support and growth that stems from this can be. My personal example experience: I have never even met this forum buddy/non-routing friend in person, but was someone I connected with cross-country through a forum "plea". He took a chance sharing his personal info, but a nice small networking group has grown from his original request for help in 2006. His wife and I have become very good friends & "accountability" buddies too. I'm not trying to advocate sharing personal info, but rather my intention is to say what an amazing group of individuals who care and share can be found on these forums. The type of people who would drop what they are doing at holiday-time (for us) and send a $300+ value item, unsolicited, to help out a friend they've never met in person, plus paying upfront for shipping, WOW! I have, of course, since paid for the router, but our "side" group that has formed agree we would have never come this far without each others support and input, (along with all YOU generous forum contributors) so the $ aspect was not even a factor.

cheers! and big thanks y'all!

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Re: Porter Cable 7518

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Did you find a the info you needed for the 7518 router? If not, which type is your router? Type 1 or type 3?

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Re: Porter Cable 7518

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Here you go....HTH :D

Know it's a little late, but just reviewing old posts.
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