using vectric wit Taig CNC Mill?

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using vectric wit Taig CNC Mill?

Post by NACC »

i need to make cuts in aluminum, brass and mild steel (mostly brass & aluminum)
I was looking at picking up a 2019 or 5019 Taig CNC Mill, but I'm hoping I can use vectric vcarve & ready2control on it.
is this possible? or, the other route I can go is upgrading my SD120 to another nextwave cnc that will handle brass plate- something a bit more rigid than the plastic construction on the sd120. do you guys have any thoughts on this? I've actually used my sd120 to slowly mill out 1/2" brass plate- wasn't too bad but it was "white knuckle" lol i cut the striker (see pics) on the sd120.
striker 1.jpg
carriage parts b.jpg
nac 3a.jpg

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Re: using vectric wit Taig CNC Mill?

Post by martin54 »

You would need to ask on the shark forum about this, I doubt there will be a problem using vcarve as there is an extensive list of CNC controllers that it will output to. It may not be quite so simple with ready2control which I believe is proprietary software for Nextwave, no idea what motion control hardware it uses If ready2control will work with any other motion control hardware & how the licencing would work :lol: :lol:
Maybe speak to Nextwave support as they will have the answers :lol:

If you are looking to do this on a regular basis then investing in a CNC mill is probably going to be your best option :lol:

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Re: using vectric wit Taig CNC Mill?

Post by 4DThinker »

I'm about ready order the Taig CNC mill for the same reasons you are. I've been "trying" to cut aluminum and brass on my Probotix CNC with mixed results, but using Aspire for all the toolpaths. ... y-cnc.html
I'm sure I can use Aspire with the Taig mill which comes with Mach3 as the control software. You just need to know the best feeds and speed for the milling bits in the material you'll be cutting, and that can usually be found at the bit manufacturer's site. I plan on making a milling bit section in my tool database with each bit already set up for each material I'll be cutting.

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Re: using vectric wit Taig CNC Mill?

Post by TSM2018 »

FYI: The Taig products are Peatol products in the UK.

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