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Re: Chisels

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My recommended brand is “Yardsale”
Old rusty chisels are pretty easy to find w/out handles which are easily made. Once cleaned up and properly sharpened you usually have a good fifty cent chisel. I’ve probably got 25 of them that met my standard which is pretty high.

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Re: Chisels

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TReischl wrote:
Mon Jun 07, 2021 5:13 pm
........But yea, I agree, picking up a top quality tool and using it is very satisfying........
I my case it was rather buying a set of quality tools (the Narex bench and mortise chisels sets) with the optimistic intent of making more handcrafted items. However as it turns out I usually take to chisels for cleanup work, chiseling door latch holes, scraping random things or using them to pry off stuff and my quality chisels are far too good for that. So I always use the old cheap chisels with nicks and gashes, sharpen them occasionally and the good Narex chisels are almost untouched. Oh well, but they look nice.
I do however use and sharpen my good planes regularly.
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