Clock Face Hour Marking

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Clock Face Hour Marking

Post by cjmcdonald »

I am interested in creating a clock design using VCarve. Is there a way to determine the points in a circle that would represent the hours of a clock face? In other words, is there a way to plot a mark every 30 degrees where the hour would be?

Thank you.

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Re: Clock Face Hour Marking

Post by Adrian »

It's come up few times on the forum. This is one thread -

As with many things in VCarve there are several ways of doing it but most will use the Circular Copy tool align the numbers from there.

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Re: Clock Face Hour Marking

Post by sharkcutup »

Face Numbers Setup.crv
(79 KiB) Downloaded 112 times
Here ya go have fun!

11" Circular clock face on 11.25" x 12.0" material. File can be resized in Job Setup Area under Design Scaling.

Used a profile line at 12 o'clock then used circle copy the line 12 times then placed numbers on the lines then removed lines for clock face.

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