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Glue for Complicated Joints

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:35 am
by Tailmaker
Over the years I have done a bit of joinery, after all I wrote some specialty software to do just that.
Most of the time I have used the proven PVA glue varieties, especially TBI and TBII to put it together. While ample strong I had sometimes trouble, especially for more complicated joints with several separate pieces.
Usually this was related to the rather short open time that may cause the glue to skin over before I could get it all brushed on and assembled, especially on a hot summer day. Other problems I found was dripping all over the place when glue is sufficient vs. clean work but weak joints. Also, hard to remove surface discoloration or melting/smearing glue residue when sanding.

For my latest project with 14 parts going together at the same time I used a relatively new type of glue, which is a hybrid silane based adhesive and the results were really good so I wanted to share this experience. I apologize if that is already old news...

This is surely not for every application but another arrow in the quiver, at least for complicated work.

- Open time at least 20-30 minutes, assembly time maybe an hour
- Cures water clear and glossy to an elastic solid (like hard rubber)
- No foaming
- 100% solid, no solvents, fills large gaps
- Humidity curing (I found it takes usually 3-4 hours in dry wood to set up, overnight for full strength)
- Similar strength as PVA (I did not find much real test results)
- More forgiving for joints with shock and other varying stress like chairs
- Sands easily without melting (when fully cured)
- Does not cause discoloration e.g. when laquered over some blotches
- Indoor/outdoor water resistant
- Adheres well to other materials like glass or metal

- More expensive. Not a big deal for small to medium sized projects but probably not for large cabinets.
- Does not easily wash off with water, but some soap helps. Or gloves...

So far I found 2 sources, but there may be other companies making such stuff:
a) In the US: Gorilla brand "Clear Gorilla Glue" (not the nasty foaming brown one or the white Gorilla PVA glue or the CA version)
b) Ordered from Germany: Pattex 100% (was cheaper incl. shipping from than the Gorilla glue from


Re: Glue for Complicated Joints

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:32 pm
by scottp55
Thanks G. !!
Got the Gorilla on my wish list:)
Any of the "Sisyphus" joints "Fingermaker"?
German brand probably has German instructions, and I'd Muck something up :)
Thanks again!

Re: Glue for Complicated Joints

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:02 pm
by Leo
Nice report.

I will try some Clear Gorilla Glue

Think you

Re: Glue for Complicated Joints

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:08 pm
by Tailmaker
scottp55 wrote:....German brand probably has German instructions, and I'd Muck something up :) ......t
Of course. But basically it says the same thing as on the Gorilla bottle: Slap it on, put together, let sit or clamp for a couple of hours. And if you glue with both sides non-porous like glass or metal then dampen before gluing.
After 4 hours or so I started sanding.

Actually, I found another possibly interesting use. This stuff self-levels and makes a glossy, clear rubberized non-slip surface. I may use this to coat some tool handles. I have had chisels sometimes knocked from my hand, drop and damage the edge. Such a coating may help.