Half cylinder pocket

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Half cylinder pocket

Post by FixitMike »

Several threads have asked how to make a half cylinder pocket, such as one to hold poker chips. It can be done with closely spaced fluting toolpaths, but, for me, that is not a very rigorous method. Well,l I figured out another way.

In the 3D clip art, there are Circular tabs. One can add one to the part, downward subtracted, with a zero plane, and size it to suit. And voila! there is your circular pocket.
half cylindeer pocket.JPG
Half circle pocket.crv
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Re: Half cylinder pocket

Post by 4DThinker »

Thanks for that tip! One thing I love about V-Carve and Aspire is that they always include more than one way to solve a challenge. I like the moulding toolpath for similar needs, as the fluting toolpath doesn't create a true circular arc.


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Re: Half cylinder pocket

Post by scottp55 »

Thank you very much for the tip Mike!!
Oh, that poor cat! :)
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Re: Half cylinder pocket

Post by mtylerfl »

Great tip (especially for VCarve users), Mike!
Michael Tyler



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Re: Half cylinder pocket

Post by highpockets »

Nice tip Mike. Thanks for sharing....
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