Finishing textured hardwood surfaces?

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Finishing textured hardwood surfaces?

Post by dtorney »

I've made bowls of ~1000 overlapping flattened spheres, 2 1/2 inches on the long diameters and 3/4 inch
on the short diameter. So, surfaces are textured with about 1/4" variation in height.

I'd like to learn an efficient way to smooth the crevices: where two spheres meet. The best I've found
is New Wave scuff & buff balls, like an abrasive scrub pad attaching to a drill. Sandblasting seems a good

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Re: Finishing textured hardwood surfaces?

Post by mtylerfl »

Hi David,

Please show us a photo or two of what you're talking about. (Pics of the project not the puff balls.)
Michael Tyler

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