Diamond drag tool test.

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Diamond drag tool test.

Post by FixitMike »

I wanted to find out what differences were made with different settings for a diamond drag tool using the Quick Engrave toolpath and an offset fill, so I ran this test on a piece of 1/4" acrylic.

The Photo shows that although there are not major differences with various tool depth and line stepover settings, the best result seems to be with the lightest setting and the largest stepover. (Also, the largest stepover will take the least time to cut.)

The drag tool was purchased on E-bay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-DRAG-ENGRAV ... SwPc9WzRo0
Drag tool test (2).JPG
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Re: Diamond drag tool test.

Post by Xxray »

Wow, now thats what I call a proper test.

I tried much the same somewhere in this thread and I ended up baffling myself by being sloppy documenting my effort


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Re: Diamond drag tool test.

Post by dwilli9013 »

Nice test. Clears of some areas I had in question.

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