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Post by Rcnewcomb »

While the basic search capabilities of the forum may suffice for some day-to-day activities, sometimes you cant find what you want and you KNOW it is out there somewhere.

You can use Google to search the forum.
Here are the results of a regular forum search
Here are the results of a Google search of the forum for the same search term.

To use Google:
1. Go to in you web browser
2. Enter the word or phraase you are looking for but before you press <Enter>...
3. Add in the search box after your search words
bloodwood pheasant

You can also search multiple sites at once:
purpleheart OR

If you would prefer a form to fill out for more advanced searches go to:

Finally, if you need a good laugh about using search engines watch this 91 second video: Site Search in Real Life
- Randall Newcomb
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Re: Search

Post by scottp55 »

That should be a "Sticky" for Newbies Randall:)
Could have used it 3 years ago!
Thanks for taking the time.
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Re: Search

Post by gad5264 »

Thanks for posting
Grant "gad5264"
Westerville, OH

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Re: Search

Post by garylmast »

Funny you mentioned this, I did this search yesterday. The present project I'm working on is a Futuristic Tank and Dale (dhellew2) described a process for building tracks in a post I did on a Excavator I built. I couldn't find it in a search on the Vectric forum so I did a Google search and found it right away. Gary

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Re: Search

Post by martin54 »

I'm absolutely rubbish at searching for things either on forums or just generally on google :lol: :lol: :lol:
That video you posted the link to made me laugh so thanks for that :lol:

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Re: Search

Post by mtylerfl »


That is a great tip. I cannot believe after all these years I didn't know about that. Thank you "extremely much"!
Michael Tyler

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