Crayon Box Wall Clock

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Crayon Box Wall Clock

Post by RalphPitz »

Thank you, Michael Tyler, for the great Crayon Box Wall Clock project. Here is my version of your model. I had to size up the whole project to fit an old clock I had – so the project ended up being about 14” x 23”. The model height was a little over 1” so I glued up the base and front boards first, then carved the model. Due to limitations of my CNC, I had to use tiling toolpaths through the Y axis and made it a double-sided job so I could do some pocketing on the backside for the clock movement. Since I had to work on the back side, I decided to carve a favorite toy of the grandsons - shield and swords. As you can see by the date on the back, I finished earlier than I thought I would.

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Re: Crayon Box Wall Clock

Post by mtylerfl »

Super-cool work, Ralph! Thank you for posting the pics and description of the job.

The sword/shield carving on the backside is extra-cool!!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Crayon Box Wall Clock

Post by scotttarnor »

Wow That came out great!
Scott T

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