Another Birdhouse

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Another Birdhouse

Post by rtibbs »

Seems I'm on a birdhouse kick recently and this is my latest project.
Not having a 4th axis I had to cut double sided segments to construct this round one.
Copper roof (Paint) and metallic base (also paint) it's made from big box 3/4" pine smooth inside and textured bark on the exterior.
Components as cut.jpg

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Re: Another Birdhouse

Post by scotttarnor »

You are killing it with work arounds ! Excellent work!
Scott T

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Re: Another Birdhouse

Post by mtylerfl »

Excellent work, Ron! Great result!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Another Birdhouse

Post by Aussie »

Very nice indeed
Crafers Crafts

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Re: Another Birdhouse

Post by scottp55 »

Really great design and execution Ron!
Right down to the copper standing seam roof!
(I priced a copper roof for my house and got sticker shock!
I MIGHT be able to afford a birdhouse copper roof nowadays:)

Well Done!! :)
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B. Watson


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Re: Another Birdhouse

Post by Creation in Wood »

I love the Design, great job
Thank You

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