Randy Inspired me

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Randy Inspired me

Post by rtibbs »

From his recent UGM demonstration on Textured Bowls I decided to give them a try.

The bowl on the left is Birdseye Maple w/ clear Danish oil. it is 6 inch's in dia. by 2 inch's tall.
I used his original design however, I drew my own vectors.(Even though I do have his files)

The bowl on the right is Myrtl w/ Walnut Danish oil It is also 6 inch's in dia. by 3 inch's tall

3 inch's is about my maximum height with my 5.5" Z.

Oh, you ask, what is the hole in the bottom of the bowl? That's what happens when you bump the top of the Z and forget to reset your Z zero.
Why does it go bad on the last cut.......I call it a drain hole :mrgreen:

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Re: Randy Inspired me

Post by mfirlott »

LOL...too bad but awesome effort.

Maybe add some calibration lines inside the bowl and use it as a water clock. :D
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Re: Randy Inspired me

Post by TReischl »

I like the hole!

Always laugh when I remember Andy Rooney (60 minutes guy). He liked wood working and made a really nice end table, three legs identical, one entirely different. Did it on purpose because he was bored making the other ones if I recall correctly.
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Re: Randy Inspired me

Post by Savannahdan »

I like the bowls. You could put a dark (walnut) plug in the hole and call it part of the atomic symbol.

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Re: Randy Inspired me

Post by scottp55 »

Love the bowls and wood Ron! :)
Very close on the Z with the Myrtle(but love the wood,especially as I don't Have any:)

I was thinking how neat a sphere of Quartz(with maybe fracture lines(Rainbows) or Rutile threads,
or Ulexite( maybe Calcite which if fairly clear looks great underlit?),
or the colored/clear spheres of fiber optic glass would look when underlit as a display.
(either a single LED, or thick float glass with a mirror underneath)
I think it would look great! :)

Just the Nature of the Beast it seems.....
If I spend a lot of time prepping a piece of wood....it happens First.
If an intricate model...then it happens after a long cut when I do a last minute flourish I added!

Did your Z-Prox not work?

Well done Ron! :)
"Buy your second machine....First"
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