How to Freak Out Your Dogs

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How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by garylmast »

I took all the old scraps I had laying around the shop, glued them up and came up with enough wood for this mountain lion. Because of all the patch work when I spliced each section, I took some Sapele Wood Chips, mixed it with some fiberglass resin and brushed it on. It not only covered all the seams but gave it a “close” color of a real mountain lion. To waterproof it, I sprayed the resin I normally mixed with the powder metal I’ve been using and complete coated it, which also acts as UV protection. I ended up “Remodeling” a bunch of different models in ZBrush to come up with the final result.
Mountain Lion_.jpg

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Re: How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by Savannahdan »

Fun project. Thank you.

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Re: How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by mtylerfl »

I hope no one tries to shoot it! :D
Michael Tyler

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Re: How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by jay pieper »

I have a long haired German Shepard who absolutely dislikes any kind of
feline. I think this would drive her crazy.
What a great way to clean up the scrap pile. I am always amazed at
the unique ways people come up with their projects and how they execute
them. Nice job and thanks for posting.

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Re: How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by Creation in Wood »

What a great idea Gary
Thank You

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Re: How to Freak Out Your Dogs

Post by slowoodworker »

Dogs are funny. I walked our Pit/mix past a concrete fox and she always stopped to check the fox out. Another walk involved a sheet metal fawn -- Caused the same hesitation.
Really nice job!

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