Tiger Box

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Tiger Box

Post by gkas »

I wanted something a little different for Valentine's Day. My wife loves anything to do with cats, so I found a nice tiger on Design & Make. To be a little different, I inlaid the 3D into the box lid. I wanted a little contrast. I carved the tiger first (second and third) until I got exactly the profile I wanted. Then I test cut the female until the fit was correct. I found that I should keep the female section much shallow than I thought, since the outside of the model had a noticeable taper. I finally selected a depth of 0.02". Nice fit. The only problem is that the tiger has great whiskers. Somehow a little length disappeared on mine.... All in all I learned a lot and I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

The best part is that the wife loves it, which is all that matters.
Tiger Box.jpg

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Re: Tiger Box

Post by nicksilva »

great job! it would have been ideal if you'd done it in 'tigerwood'.
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Re: Tiger Box

Post by scottp55 »

" I carved the tiger first (second and third)" :) :) :)

GREAT job Gerry!! :D
Those whiskers were little rascals!
Experience IS the best teacher...Bet you're glad you made the male completely before easing up on the female:)

Wonderful Job.....AND she Loved it!!
Mission Accomplished :)
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Re: Tiger Box

Post by woody53 »

That's a great piece Gerry . I bet she loved it. I bet those whiskers were hard to keep on. Awesome.


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Re: Tiger Box

Post by jay pieper »

Nice job I like the out come of the carve. Looks like it all came out for you.
Plus you are 100% correct---Happy wife = Happy life. You always have to
keep the better have smiling.

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