Trucker Wallet embossing stamp - Rated PG

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Trucker Wallet embossing stamp - Rated PG

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This is a 3"x6" embossing plate I made for a trucker wallet. Rather than just show it, I thought I’d go thru the design process. The subject comes from a photograph #1. The initial model is in #2 and is mirrored so that it will be in the same orientation as the photo after pressing. This was done in Aspire. The height on #2 is .25" which is too tall to be embossed on leather. This is pretty much how it would look had I cut it in relief-bias for a plaque or something. But it is too tall for leather embossing. Years of experimentation have shown me that a depth of 0.12-0.125" is all that can be pressed with a regular arbor or hydraulic press and get a good height on it. But you can’t just lower the height without losing detail. #3 shows the model when the height is cut in half. It washes out and is very flat. I’ve learned a few tricks over the years used to bring more detail into the model. #4 shows it at an ideal 0.125" tall. I was quite happy with that. #5 is a negative of the model and is cut into the plastic so that the result is up. #7 (yeah, I skipped 6) is cut into the delrin plate. It doesn’t look very impressive yet.
Engraving on this took 6+ hours. Why so much? Well leather is finicky in that any defect or line is going to show up in the embossing. To ensure it is as smooth as possible, I use a step-over of 4% on a 1/16" (0.0625") ballnose bit - that’s a movement of 0.0025" per pass. The results speak for themselves. But it results in a long run time. (my longest has been 13 hours).
Finally #8 is the result of the pressing. Is it a 100%? No, but I’m happy with it. Unless it is a total screw up I’m not up for multiple 6 hour runs.
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Re: Trucker Wallet embossing stamp - Rated PG

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Neat process, but I hate to say this. . . . she is downright scary looking in that last pic. YIKES! Like something out of the walking dead. Just my opinion. . . . .
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