Ted's Punkin' in a dish

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Ted's Punkin' in a dish

Post by rtibbs »

Finally put a finish on Ted's pumpkin model. Wifey wanted me to paint it however, I couldn't bring myself to put paint on that cherry wood. :mrgreen:
I opted for a lacquer finish instead.

Thanks again for the model Ted!
Ted's Punkin'.jpg

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Re: Ted's Punkin' in a dish

Post by mtylerfl »

Looks wonderful, Ron!

I agree - no paint on that beautiful Cherry!
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Re: Ted's Punkin' in a dish

Post by TReischl »

Very nice!

I am happy to see someone is carving the models!

Might do one myself, plate that is. Think I will paint the punkin and the stem but leave the wood for the rest of the plate.
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