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This is the place to post images of work produced using Aspire
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Newest CNCer

Post by gkas »

I had my oldest grandson, 8, came over for a couple of days before school started. He's been interested in my CNC because it's like robotics and has a LASER!! I showed him how Aspire worked, and how we could modify a Paradise Box. He picked out the fonts and pictures and we carved a plain Paradise Box. Then we lasered in all of his graphics. He had a great time. It was nice having an extra set of hands for the glue up. He had to sand all of the pieces and make sure they fit. A fine time was had by all. :D

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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by highpockets »

Great job!!! And a nice project for Grandpa and Grandson.

From the smile on his face, I think he's hooked.
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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by scottp55 »

Quality time indeed!!!
Well Done! :) :)
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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by jay pieper »

How cool is that. I can picture your grandson telling all his friends at school

how he showed grandpa how he designed and made his

first cnc project. Must of had fun, eyes lit right up, love the picture...

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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by Phil »



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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by Savannahdan »

Awesome. I love having my grandkids involved in projects like that. We're getting ready to make some display case items featuring Fall (corn, maybe a scarecrow, wheelbarrow, etc.) for my teacher daughter. The grands help me design, cut, sand, assemble and paint the items. I have to admit that not only are they better musicians, but better artists than me. Thank you for sharing gkas!

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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by Napier Boys High »

Not just a beautiful box made but also precious memories. Well done.

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Re: Newest CNCer

Post by dwilli9013 »

Very Nice. And what an experience for both of you. It is a memory that will last. Thanks for sharing. :lol: :lol:

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