Precision Machining

This is the place to post images of work produced using Aspire
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Precision Machining

Post by highpockets »

So you think your CNC can hold tight tolerances. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Precision Machining

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Re: Precision Machining

Post by FixitMike »

Around 1979, the company I worked for purchased a CNC mill to manufacture sideplates for the printing presses we built. Before then, printing press side plates were typically bored in pairs so the printing cylinders would be guaranteed to be parallel. A customer questioned that our method of manufacture was sufficiently accurate. The accuracy was demonstrated by placing 2 sideplates on top of each other, located by steel dowels in matching holes. We then placed a 6" diameter ball bearing in the upper plate, and it slowly slide down and into the lower plate without hesitation. This was repeated for all 3 cylinder locations. The customer was convinced.

I suspect that the pieces in the video were EDM (Electric Discharge Machined). That type of demonstration was typically used to show the accuracy of the process.
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Re: Precision Machining

Post by Leo »

I work in gage making currently and daily at tolerances in the single millionths of an inch. Working in +/- .0001 or .0002 is a pretty wide open tolerance to me. I have a Studer S33 that is capable to .000010 accuracy.

Still, that video is fascinating to me, partly because I realize what it takes to do that work.

A lot of it is grinding but most of it is done by finish lapping. Wire EDM is good to .0001 and on occasion with super detail to .000050. Generally the finish is a dull finish, but can be polished and lapped.

No matter, what I am amazed at what can be done.

That was an awesome video - thank you
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Re: Precision Machining

Post by ger21 »

Sure seems like those outside faces are ground after assembly to get that perfect "disappearing joint".
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Re: Precision Machining

Post by scalci »

Wow this is incredible...

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Re: Precision Machining

Post by dwilli9013 »

Pretty awesome video. I would suspect that caliper machining would be done in a climate controlled clean room. Pretty amazing I can't stop watching the video. Thanks for sharing that. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Precision Machining

Post by BradyWatson »

Really cool...I like the helical one. It would make a great 'desk fidget' :D

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