Redgum floating shelf with live edge

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Re: Redgum floating shelf with live edge

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Scott, very disappointed to learn that the NC facility only has decking :cry:
All the "good stuff" is in Sarasota.
This place is about a block away from my office
I know the owner and he is very nice. I don't think he has a "shorts bin" though.
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Re: Redgum floating shelf with live edge

Post by scottp55 »

Yep, that is disappointing, BUT looks like you have a decent selection of sawmills to check out in your area :) ; ... 1,lf_ui:10
The way Black Walnut prices have gone up...IT will be considered an Exotic pretty soon:)
I've been having a lot of fun with even "Scrap" Walnut branches from my Aunt's tree(my second Owl for ME is almost done:)...
Wish I had gotten there the day they took the tree down, instead of 3 days later!
Now I've even got my plow guy(tree removal the other 3 seasons) keeping an eye out for me:)
I do have to admit though, that holding a small object cut out of the really dense(specific gravity greater than .8 ) really gives it a pleasing "heft".
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