Thank You Michael Tyler

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Daniel S
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Thank You Michael Tyler

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Big Thank You to Michael Tyler,
The Christmas sled and candy dish were great hits with the family. This year’s critter stands took on a life of their own when I made the first one as the word spread amongst the grand kids. So I ended up making quite a few units with different critters. For the fisherman the fish was perfect, for one cat lover it was also great, but I was unable to come up with a good dog critter so a squirrel was used. The hockey players got pucks. Again I just want to thank Michael Tyler’s fantastic work, really like the videos he makes; I find I learn a lot watching them and that makes an old Grandpa look really good!
Critter standsresize.jpg

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Re: Thank You Michael Tyler

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Wow, Dan! Thank you for the kind words and showing the photo of your “critters”. They all look great!

I’m very happy to know you enjoy the projects and the videos, too! Thanks again!
Michael Tyler

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