steam punk salmo

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Re: steam punk salmo

Post by mtylerfl »

Another awesome piece, Scott!
Michael Tyler

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Re: steam punk salmo

Post by LittleGreyMan »


Unfortunately, instead of recycling, people throw so much waste materials in rivers that I'm not surprised you fished a mechanigenetically modified salmon.

Pretty good and hilarious job!
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Re: steam punk salmo

Post by scottp55 »

Yeah Scott....I imagine letting your imagination and metallic shades on your palette WITH no real rules or truths is a LOT of freedom!! :D
Coming out GREAT!!
Especially the imagination of the Modeling!

STILL, the "Wolves" walking down the stream bed, AND out of the frame, has stuck in my mind for Years(?)
And THAT with my brain stuffed with 63 years of trivia....Takes some DOING!!! :D :D
MY compliments on Both your Arts!!
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Re: steam punk salmo

Post by RhoTu »

Simply awesome. Truly talented.


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