Happy Easter

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Will Williamson
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Happy Easter

Post by Will Williamson »

This is consider a glorified Crucifix, meaning ,
that In by making the most beautiful and ornate cross I possibly can, I am glorifying Jesus.
This does not mean that a Corpus on a simple cross is of less important.
It means, this is the best I can do
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by highpockets »

Beautiful work Will. You have every right to be very proud! I really like the mix of woods.
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by jarm2 »

Inspirational, timely and very well done. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Happy Easter

Post by zeeway »

Good work and good message for Easter.

Last evening down on Main Street, we saw a man struggling down the street with an eight foot cross over his shoulder. Makes you think about the real meaning of Easter.

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