Chessboard and Chess Pieces

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Chessboard and Chess Pieces

Post by sircarveabit »

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of the chessboard that I made. I did something a little different for the chessboard. I pocketed out all the squares from a piece of cherry wood. Then I stained half of them with a dark mahogany stain. Then I used an epoxy filler to cover the entire board. After I made the board people kept asking about the chess pieces, so after learning how to do a 2 rail sweep and several tries, I finally came up with some square chess pieces.

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Re: Chessboard and Chess Pieces

Post by PaulRowntree »

I love the pieces AND the board. The square look is very 'battle-ready', and reminds me of a stone set we had when I was a kid. Congratulations!
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Re: Chessboard and Chess Pieces

Post by zeeway »

I agree. Good design on both the board and the pieces.


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Re: Chessboard and Chess Pieces

Post by gordread »

Fantastic. Very well done.

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Re: Chessboard and Chess Pieces

Post by pops1964 »

Yes very nice design on the pieces and the board . Keep up the good work , with winter on its way you'll have plenty of time to practice . pop's

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