simple apt/house signs

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simple apt/house signs

Post by stankern »

I used black corian 1/2 thick to make this sign,used a 60 degree v bit and a 1/4 carbide end mill 3 in long
Tirned out good looks rich
big sign.jpg

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Re: simple apt/house signs

Post by Lameiii »

Very Nice!!
I love Corian but not sure where I can obtain some.


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Re: simple apt/house signs

Post by pops1964 »

A good place is they have a large selection of corian , thickness's and shades . Also a lot of sales and good shipping costs they have the best prices on 10' sheets it's the most cost effective way if you do a lot of signs . I get it there for my litho's also if you want a smaller amount go to e bay there's a company that will sell you 1 piece or many as you want cut to your size great prices and shipping prices . And nice job on the signs . Pop's :mrgreen:

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Re: simple apt/house signs

Post by glenninvb »

Nice clean job! look great!

Funny though, I've only seen one of the lakes in Jan. and "Life's a beach" never came to mind :D
I guess I'm more of a mid-Atlantic - Caribbean type guy, the older I get the father south I like :)

But sure enough I checked, and you do have beaches 8) ... cking-out/

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