Go Anywhere Truck

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Go Anywhere Truck

Post by garylmast »

I guess I was watching too many Alaska TV shows. I saw a picture similar to this so I thought that might be a cool project. I got the truck from Stetchup and saw a picture of the tracks somewhere. I used Aspire and Rhino for the modeling.

The tracks are made from Alder then I used a weather-oak stain for the coloring. They definitely looks like rubber. The rollers are padauk with poplar insets. I use poplar for most of it, but used Oak for the dash and steering wheel.


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Re: Go Anywhere Truck

Post by highpockets »

Looks great! Nice fun project....

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Go Anywhere Truck

Post by mtylerfl »

I love it, Gary!
Michael Tyler



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Re: Go Anywhere Truck

Post by CrowsWW »

That looks really cool they make those tracks for side-by-side‘s and ATVs
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Re: Go Anywhere Truck

Post by scottp55 »

NICE Gary !!
Those DO look like rubber :)
First time I saw one of those conversions on the way to go skiing...I thought "STRANGE!!"
Learned later he had a tourmaline mine on top of the nearest peak...
and the only way he could do 4 stream crossings and the peak reliably 4 seasons with loads.
Cheaper than buying a Thiokol like the ski area has!! :)
Nice job!!
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Re: Go Anywhere Truck

Post by Phil »

Too cool, love it. :)


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